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Moongate Impressions is a proud affiliate of Superb Internet, Web Hosting "Ahead of the Rest"

Our business is designing and implementing internet-related solutions for small and home-based businesses, associations and organizations as well as individuals. If you do not have access to in-house IT expertise or consider it impractical to hire the services of large web design companies, give us a call to get a dynamic presence on the internet.
Featured Clients Global Projectives Inc. Global Projectives Inc. is a project management training and consulting firm that specializes in rapid deployment of project management methodologies throughout organizations. The president, Kathryn Pottruff and her associates are strategic thinkers who translate corporate vision into tactical project plans.
Their website is specifically designed to provide project managers with the resources they need to keep projects running smoothly throughout their organization. The site contains useful information on course offerings, informative project management articles, as well as information on upcoming project management shows and events.

Ryan's Pet Foods (North Burlington) Ryan's Pet Foods (North Burlington) is located in Longo's Plaza. The owners opened this location in 2001, 2 years after having lost a pet to cancer. During their pet's illness, they had only just begun researching alternative pet foods and discovering the link between ingredients and health.
The store's strength is based on sharing information and educating people of the benefits of a more natural whole food diet for our companion pets. Improving health through natural means is paramount to them and the store and website are both natural extensions of their learning and growing experiences.

Bone Apetit Bones & Raw Food Bone Apetit Bones and Raw Food is a Canadian business located in southern Ontario that supplies a fresh, raw-frozen Natural Pet Food Diet (BARF) for dogs and cats. The purpose of their website has also been designed to help newbies to raw feeding learn more about this natural diet.
They are owners of two Standard Poodles who are thriving on this balanced diet and believe pet nutrition is really about having our pets live longer and healthier lives. Top quality human grade ingredients are used in all their lines, including certified organic, grade A federally inspected meats, produce, and complete meals. They use no grains or fruits.

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Special Occasion Websites Special Occasion Keepsake CD/Websites

Create a commemorative CD-ROM/Website to honour a special occasion or accomplishment. Perfect gifts for anniversary's, birthdays, retirements or company performance recognition programs.

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Very few people will return to your site just to re-read your product brochure. You must have a good amount of free information that is relevant, constantly updated, exciting and different.

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