Free JavaChat at Moongate - Set up a meeting with colleagues or chat with family and friends

Some Things You Should Know
  • To post a message in a room, type the message and hit the Send Message button (or press Return in the message text field).
  • To send a private message (one that only the intended recipient can read), click their name in the Who's In The Room list (this enables the Private Message button). Type the message as usual and then hit the Private Message button.
  • To change rooms, enter a room number (0 to 999) in the Room field (in the bottom right corner) and hit the Move To New Room button. Alternatively, you can enter special rooms by choosing one of those displayed in the Themed Rooms menu.
  • Rooms 0-499 are Public and should be used for open discussion forums. A Room Status of "Public" means that the room cannot be locked.
  • Rooms 500 to 999 can be "locked" and should be used for private conversions, where access needs to be restricted. This will prevent others from seeing your conversation. Hit the Lock Room button to do this.
  • To find out where other users are, hit the Find People In Other Rooms button. This tells you the location of all users except those in locked rooms.
  • This application runs on 32-bit systems only (i.e., Windows 95 & Win NT).
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Happy Chatting!

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