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What do you want your web site to accomplish? Will people come to your site for:
Useful information of Special Interest
Knowledge through Articles/Tutorials
A Source of Links to Sites with Valuable Resources
Specials, Give-a-Ways, Latest Product Offerings
Stimulation by accessing Media or Images
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. Communication with Family and Friends

Membership to Special Interest, Social Relations
Information to differentiate from Competition
(prices, specifications, product details)
Point of Contact
An Opportunity to Buy

Select a Package to suit your Budget.

Pricing: Package: Features:
$150.00 Single Web Page Consultation, Layout & Design, Header Logo, 1 Graphic Image (supplied by client scanned from photo), An E-Mail Link
$750.00 - $1,000.00
Basic Web Site
(5 Pages)
Consultation, Custom Layout & Design, Header Logo and Navigational Theme, 5 Graphic Images (supplied by client scanned from photos), 3 External Links, 1 E-Mail Form, 1 E-Mail Link

Our web sites have been "price-ranged" as they are dependent upon the kind of features and interactivity you want to include in your site. Low-end cost nicely incorporates text navigation whereas the upper-range showcases such things as javascripting, roll-over graphical buttons and image-maps. Interactivity can make for an interesting visit for a user and some carefully planned dynamic-html can be intertwined with effective results.

All Pages and/or sites that are also hosted by Moongate Impressions will be receiving presence in the upcoming "Networking For Success" Business Directory.

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