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I wonder what she thought
As she stood there, strong and tall.
She couldn't turn away,
She was forced to watch it all.

Did she long to offer comfort
As her country bled?
With her arm forever frozen
High above her head.

She could not shield her eyes
She could not hide her face
She just stared across the water
Keeping Freedom's place.

The smell of smoke and terror
Somehow reduced her size
So small within the harbor
But still we recognized...

How dignified and beautiful
On a day so many died
I wonder what she thought,
And I know she must have cried

Author Unknown

This webpage exists as a result of the horrific tragedy of events that occurred on Sept 11, 2001 in New York City, Washington and western Pennsylvania.

I am a Canadian who is among the many people and countries that needed to express my feelings of sorrow and wrap my arms around all of the families and friends who lost loved ones as a result of this senseless crime. We looked on with unimaginable saddness for those lost lives as well as our realization that a way of life that we cherished was forever changed. Our hearts have been broken.

As I searched for my own inspirations of hope for our future, I wanted this page to convey a message that honoured the victims, encouraged healing and rebuilding, and done in a way that blended music, image and words.

I need to hold on to the beliefs that as an international community working together, we can continue to celebrate our freedoms, strive to live in harmony without the fear of terrorism, maintain compassionate hearts by not misdirecting our anger and honour our Heroes by remembering their spirits and their names.

On behalf of Moongate Impressions,
our hearts and prayers are with
each family who is missing a Loved One

Donna Hamilton

Both of the songs below have brought me comfort especially at this time as we continue to head into days of uncertainty. Please give these songs a listen and if you happen to believe in their message, just tell one other person.

   Click below to listen to the songs in mp3 format. Best with high-speed connections.

  • 5000 Heroes,
    Lyric & Music by Kyle Vincent   ©2001, SongTree Records

  • Let Freedom Ring,
    Music by Barry Manilow/Lyric by Jack Feldman & Bruce Sussman

An Argentinian Newspaper, LA NACION LINE in Buenos Aires, published a drawing by Maitena (see below) on Thurs, Sept 13th. It speaks of heartfelt saddness and compassion. The newspaper, in turn created wallpapers of Maitena's drawing for your pc's desktop.

Download Wallpapers:  640 x 480  | 800 x 600  | 1024 x 768

(© 2001 LA NACION Buenos Aires Argentina)
Note: the wallpapers do not have "Let Freedom Ring" lyrics on them.

Let Freedom Ring
Let its music resound throughout the nation
Let it celebrate sweet liberty
That is keeping us free and strong

Let Freedom Ring
And let everyone share its inspiration
Let the promise not be satisfied
Until no-one is denied its song

Its a dream to build upon
We take the dream and pass it on
And on, and on,
And let freedom sing

Let Freedom Ring
For the children of every generation
May the love of freedom always ring
And let everyone sing along

May the love of freedom always ring
It has brought us this far
It proclaims who we are
And together we sing
Let Freedom Ring

Wallpapers are ©2001 La Nacion
Download Wallpaper (800x600)

© 2000, 2001 Moongate Impressions. All Rights Reserved